Sismat designs its scrapers, based on through static calculations and its engineering expertise. The appropriate calculations of sludge load and mass, leads to a strong and reliable work process. As a results, the dead points in the sedimentation tank  or the thickening tank are eliminated.


Longitudinal Scrapers - SDS

Longitudinal scrapers are designed for use is sedimentation tanks with a rectangular section and they conform  to DIN 19552/1 provisions. This equipment scrapes the sludge or sand longitudinally, and transfers it to the sludge collection hopper at the end of the tank. At the same time, the surface scraping palettes carry the foam or the oil to the discharge point at the opposite side.


Circular Scrapers - DKS/SKS

Circular scrapers are generally composed of the following parts:

1. Bridge
2. Drive group
3. Surface scraper
4. Bottom scraper
5. Central bed
6. Sluice (channel lock) and diver curtain
7. Electric control panel

The peripheral driven rotating bridge scrapers (DKS) are composed of the following parts:

1. Bogie
2. Brush collector
3. Deflector

On the other hand, only a special lower bed is added to the main components of the central driven fixed bridge scrapers (SKS).