About Us

SENTINELLES CORPORATION is a contracting and trading company focused in supply and installation of electro-mechanical equipment for Water/Wastewater Treatment and  Industrial sector.

We specialized in electro-mechanical works including steel fabrication, equipment and piping installation.

Our Global Partners are ISO certified leading manufacturers with worldwide installations.



Water/Wastewater Process Equipment

  •  Pre-Treatment Equipment
    • Screens, Screening Press, Grit Classifier, Belt Conveyor, Screw Conveyor
  • Scrapers
    • Circular, Longitudinal, Thickener

  • Flow Control Equipment
    • Penstock, Stop Log, Adjustable Weir, Telescopic Valve

  • Archimedian Screw Pumps, Horizontal & Vertical Shaft Aerators

  • Belt Filter Press, Filter Press, Pre-dewatering Bellts, Chemical Dosing Units



Odor Control Units

  • Biotrickling Filter, Activated Carbon, Biotrickling & Ecobase Media Combined


FRP Products

  • Tanks, Ducts, Pipes, Chimneys, Stacks, Scrubbers, Structural Railings

  • Manhole Covers, Maintenance Covers, Structural, Gratings, Cable Trays